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Body Solutions Success Stories

A Coach’s Transformation Story

A Coach’s story, what it takes to make a great transformation*   Everyone

Over 130 lbs later

Real People, Real Results... Results: 135 lbs lost in a year and a half* Trainer Br

Transformation Story

Real People, Real Results... Nicole's Results:  171 lb. @ 33% body fat down to 135

Transformation Story

Real People, Real Results…

Nicole’s Results:

 171 lb. @ 33% body fat down to 135 lb. @17% body fat*

“I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of two Personal Trainers prior to being introduced to Brendan.  With that said, Brendan is the only Personal Trainer who has been able to have an impact and influence on me and my fitness goals.  He invested not only his time in me, but also his holistic approach to getting to really know who I am as a person and understanding any obstacles that may have hindered me in my prior
experiences.  He has completely transformed me and my lifestyle!  I thought getting “fit” was all about cardio, cardio cardio, however, I could not
have been more wrong.  By continuously challenging me and showing me how to use proper form in weight lifting, I have been able to shed pounds, but more importantly decrease my body fat about 14% in EIGHT MONTHS!  Never in a million years would I have thought that was possible; never.  He has provided consistent feedback, support and challenges to motivate me towards the goals I set for myself.  Notice that I never once say “he pushes or pushed me.”  He truly gets to know his clients and know what motivates them, and allows that to do the driving factor.  He has changed my life completely; to the point where other people now ask me for advice on health and fitness, again something I never imagined would occur in my life.  I also enjoy the time I do get to spend with him, as it is very comfortable and conversational.  He treats you as a person, an individual, and respects you.  He makes everything about my goals exciting and fun – he has been nothing but a complete pleasure to work with, a plethora of knowledge and a great friend to have!”

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No time to exercise, No excuse!
No time to exercise, No excuse!
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Another Bio Signature Success!
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