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A Coach’s Transformation Story

A Coach’s story, what it takes to make a great transformation*   Everyone

Over 130 lbs later

Real People, Real Results... Results: 135 lbs lost in a year and a half* Trainer Br

Transformation Story

Real People, Real Results... Nicole's Results:  171 lb. @ 33% body fat down to 135

Over 130 lbs later

Real People, Real Results…

Results: 135 lbs lost in a year and a half*

Trainer Brendan Vermeire while he wored at Life Time Fitness

“Today I am the happiest I have been in decades and I have Life Time Fitness to thank for it.  I am a stay at home mom of two funny, smart and interesting little boys who, unfortunately, have not had the best mom they deserved due to me being significantly overweight.  My weight has been a physical and emotional roadblock to living life the way it should be lived.  Even with my weight, my husband and I still wanted to have another little person in our family.  We were blessed with a pregnancy in the fall, but had a devastating miscarriage last December.  Though I do not know why I miscarried, I believe the strain on my body from being overweight was a primary cause.  It was one of the saddest and most painful things I have gone through in my life, but I used the sadness as my initial motivation to get control of my health.  At my heaviest I weighed 252 pounds.

In January a friend persuaded me to join Life Time Fitness in Lenexa, KS with her so we could workout together.  When I first joined the gym, I had a private hope and vision of what I could become, but I lacked the confidence to believe I would be able to do it.  I had no idea of the complete transformation I would undergo in just a matter of months.  My friend and I started going to the gym a few times a week and do what we thought was a good workout, but my nutrition was not where it needed to be.  I was of the mindset that if I went from no regular physical activity to a schedule of working out then surely I would lose weight.  I later learned how wrong this thinking is!  Eventually I decided to try a Zumba class and immediately loved it, though I stood in the very back of the room so no one could see me.  Two of the Zumba instructors at the Lenexa Life Time Fitness, Claudia and Laura, made their classes so enjoyable I started going to their classes as many times a week as I could.  Although the workout is intense, you are having fun while doing it.

In March my friend and I needed to use our myLT BUCK$ before they expired so we signed up for a couple of sessions with a personal trainer.  Working with a trainer was not something I was interested in; I was incredibly intimidated with the very idea of someone watching me workout and tell me what I should and should not be doing.  We were randomly paired with Brendan Vermeire.  I never expected that the meeting with him would completely change my perspective and inspire me to become who I am today.  I do not remember exactly what words he used that day but his message clicked with me; I experienced a focus and determination that I did not know was in me. Financially I was unable to keep working with Brendan at the time, but I knew that when I could afford it I would work with him again.

During the spring I continued doing Zumba as many as 6 days a week.  I was losing weight but I was just becoming a smaller version of my flabby self.  Over the summer I reconnected with Brendan and truly learned how crucial nutrition is.  He has taught me the value of fueling my body as well as working it to make it stronger.  He has been the person I so desperately needed, but didn’t know I needed.  His knowledge, his guidance, and his thoroughness guided me daily and helped me select appropriate health tools, such as the Calorie and Cardio Point tests, which have been invaluable to my continued success.  Brendan has been a constant support for me through my journey, including working through the layers of emotions and thoughts that I never expected with weight loss.  He has gone above and beyond what I thought I needed.  With his help, and the help of so many people at the Lenexa Life Time Fitness, over the last many months I have lost 72 pounds!  Whether it is another trainer providing me tips or just giving me encouraging feedback, a group fitness instructor asking me how I’m doing, or the people in the Cafe that make my special order California Chicken so perfect.  The people at Life Time Fitness in Lenexa are always friendly, they make me feel comfortable about being there, and make me want to keep coming back.

The person I am today is so very different from who I was when I walked into the gym in January.  Physically and mentally I am so much healthier.  I am a much better and happier mom for my kids.  I have a confidence that I have never had.  I now stand in the front during a Zumba class.  The weight on my driver’s license, which I lied about at the time I filled it out, is now 50 pounds more than what I now actually weigh!  I have a belief in me that I will reach my goals, however lofty they may be, and a desire to help and inspire other people to reach their goals.  I truly believe that not only have Brendan and the many people at Life Time Fitness in Lenexa changed my life, but saved my life”

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