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A Coach’s Transformation Story

A Coach’s story, what it takes to make a great transformation*   Everyone

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Never Gave Up

Real People, Real Results.... * "I met Beth White in the summer of 2013.  I came to

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Over 130 lbs later

Real People, Real Results... Results: 135 lbs lost in a year and a half* Trainer Br

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High Intensity Interval Training

In this clip we cover what interval training is, who's it for and how to use it!   Major Benefits: * targets visceral (belly) fat * faster and more efficient way to do your cardio * will burn more calories * increases fitness level very quickly Questions contact us! For more tips check out our blog or follow us on Facebook.


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Chocolate Almond Protein Bars

On the go nutrition can be difficult to make good choices. Sometimes it can be very hard to find good quality protein sources and healthy fats that aren't loaded with chemicals and preservatives. So best option make your own protein bars! These are cheap and taste awesome.  They are also great if you have to travel. Chocolate Almond Butter Bar Cal 396, pro 33, carb 12, fat 26 (6 servings) ½ cup pecan meal • ½ cup almond meal • ½ c


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Confused about carbs?

Ask 10 people if carbs are good or bad and you typically get a similar (if not totally unanimous answer) BAD! In fact, some of you reading this might have even winced when you saw the word "carb." Well like all nutrients at some point in time, carbs have gotten a bad rep. It is true that most of the time people eat far too many, from the wrong types (sugary, processed) and at the wrong times leading to long term issues with glucose / insulin m



Small Behavior Changes are the Keys to Success

When starting any diet or exercise program how many times have you felt overwhelmed almost right away?  Thinking, "I have to cut out this food, I have to do this much exercise, I have to do x,y,z!!! I have to be perfect!"  Well this is all too common and its a great way to set yourself up for failure. Here is a secret no you don't have to be perfect or exercise 10 hours a day, never eat something you enjoy again, etc.  What actually works f


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How Food Sensitivities Effect Fat Loss

Here is a real life example of how food sensitivities can effect fatloss drastically from week to week. This client has cut his bodyfat almost in half in 7 weeks of training and by next week will be in the 6% range. All this through the holidays, his birthday, almost 30% travel schedule and no cardio. Each week you will see large drops in bodyfat although scale weight has been steady. Each week we have been adding more and more calories, mo



Why I hate Weightloss Contests Part II

Part II written by Matt Terry for Why I hate weight loss contests- Part 2 January 9, 2014 Last week, my buddy Matt Terry of Body Solutions, shared with you his thoughts on why weight loss contests don’t work and aren’t really safe. Since New Year’s happens to be the time that people start 90 Day Challenges, we felt it was a great time to educate you on why making lasting changes is more important. If you didn’t catch the



Why I hate Weightloss Contests Part I

 Why I hate weight loss contests Reprinted from an article Matt Terry wrote for January 2nd It’s New Year’s resolution time and lots of you want to lose a few extra pounds. It’s also the time we start seeing lots of 90 day challenge’s and weight loss contests. I asked my buddy Matt Terry, of Body Solutions,  what his thoughts were (as you can see below, he had a few so we’ll post in two parts).  Matt knows first



Can juicing help you lose fat?

This is a hot topic and one that is often discussed.  Can juicing fruits and vegetables help your quest for a leaner, healthier body? Lets discuss a few points first. Keep in mind juicing is a very broad and at times controversial topic, this is by no means an end all be all of how to juice, and why you should.  More a quick start guide to why you would use it and if you decide to where to start.  We have seen (and experienced) great result



Protecting Zinc and Magnesium on Paleo Part II

Continuing on this week or focus is on preserving and raising our magnesium levels.  In case you missed it here is part 1.   To recap why magnesium is so important: Issues of low magnesium: •    Constipation-magnesium acts as a stool softener. •    Low energy •    Reduced insulin sensitivity •   Inflammation •   Risk for metabolic syndrome •   Poor memory •   Increased risk for osteoporosis •   Po


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Protecting zinc and magnesium on paleo…

So on the true Paleo plan one of the reason beans, grains and legumes are omitted is because they contain phytates which supposedly block the absorption of Vitamins such as niacin, and minerals such as zinc and iron, and to a lesser extent calcium and magnesium, are affected (2.) Now given these vitamin and minerals are crucial especially zinc and magnesium since they are involved in over 300 different reactions in the body and a majority of p



Is inflammation making you fat?

Inflammation is one of the leading risk factors for disease, and general pain.  It is driven by many factors, several being dietary related and controllable.   Inflammation can show up as joint pain, umbilical fat, internally in the blood and can lead to heart issues among many other problems. So how can we combat this killer?  By reducing inflammation and one of the best ways is, you guessed it, a paleo plan.  And in this case we don't


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Insulin Sensitive vs Insulin Resistant: when do I eat my starches?

Great question!  As usual, it depends.  It depends on your activity level, bodyfat %, where you store your bodyfat, your goals and most importantly insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is really the most crucial factor.  When you are insulin sensitive you put carbs where they should go (mostly muscle, liver and very little in fat tissue.) When you are insulin resistant (and more than just diabetics have issues managing insulin & glu



Should you use cheat meals?

This is a pretty popular topic and an often asked question.  Should I use cheat meals?  Well like most nutrition related questions that answer depends on alot of factors.  Do you workout? How low in calories are you relative to your needs? Do you have thyroid issues? How is your sleep?  Are you cheat meals planned or do you simply fall off your nutrition plan? How close to your goal are you?  What is your bodyfat % now? Will a cheat meal cau



Dopamine and Type As

So this week we continue our discussion on neurotransmitters.  If you missed part 1 or part 2 read them first. Here again is the overview for brain hormones (neurotransmitters) Serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, acetylcholine, GABA Relaxing side = serotonin and GABA Stimulating = dopamine, adrenaline and acetylcholine Impacts cravings and motivation So as you can see, dopamine is a motivating hormone.  People who are dopamine dom



Keep calm and take GABA!

So last week we discussed the intro to our current discussion on foods to help boost your mood and neurotransmitters.  You can see part one here. Here again is the overview for brain hormones (neurotransmitters) Serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, acetylcholine, GABA Relaxing side = serotonin and GABA Stimulating = dopamine, adrenaline and acetylcholine Impacts cravings and motivation So as you can see, GABA, impacts your relaxation



Foods To Help Your Mood

Its that time of year where its getting dark early, cold and activity starts to wind down.  While it's easy to get down and depressed there are a few things you can do. And that begins with brain health. One thing we cover with new clients is neurotransmitter health.  This is crucial for the success of anyone's program.  There are 5 neurotransmitters we deal with and they are  mostly made in the stomach.  We are sure you have heard of mos


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Calcium supplements, heart attacks and how Paleo fits in…

There has been alot of information in peer reviewed journals for sometime now regarding Calcium supplement intake and possible heart complications.  Quick background:  calcium supplementation has been linked to heart attacks.  Few abstracts: 1. "Calcium supplements are known to have several side effects, the most common being indigestion and minor constipation, and kidney stones are a rare complication. However, several recent studies have



Paleo Carbs Part II: forbidden foods

Well if you read last week's post then you saw all the carbs that are technically allowed on the paleo plan, which are only fruits and veggies (1).  Today we discuss other carbs that can be used based on modifications we make with clients.  How did we determine this?  Through our background in dietetics, functional medicine, personal experience and the fact we see well over 200 clients a week working on their nutrition measuring bodyfat and



Paleo Carbs Part 1

This will be a large amount of info so we are going to break it up into small portions.  This week we discuss fruits and veggies or also known as fiberous carbs. Next week we discuss starchy carbs also known as starches. So here from page 110 of the Paleo Diet book  is the fruits and veggie list.  We will make a few (as there are many) modifications but here is where we start. Fruit modifications: For people with insulin sensitivi



Paleo Protein List

  So as discussed earlier, the next few weeks we will be laying out different Paleo macronutrient sources (protein, carbs and fats) both from the pure Paleo crowd and a modified approach we use with clients with explanations why. So this week we discuss the list of proteins.  Below are proteins by the Paleo book (1). pg 106. Paleo Protein List (all meats trimmed of visible fat) Lean Beef Fla


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